The photographic project “Finestres de la memòria” (“Memory windows”) of the Centre Civic Casa Elizalde in Barcelona is dedicated to recovering the historical graphic memory of the Eixample quarter and reinforcing the identity of the neighborhood.

At this moment, the center presents the exhibition “Imaginary of the ideal city. Cinema amateur in the Eixample (1923-1939)”, curated by the art historian Dr. Nuria F. Rius. The exhibition focuses on a selected series of amateur films, most of them unpublished until now, performed in Barcelona between the wars and linked to the territory of the Eixample. It shows the representation of the Noucentista concept of the ‘ideal city’ from familiar scenes, leisure spaces and some singular events of the time.

This is the result of an investigation within the framework of the European project I-Media-Cities, and has the participation of the Filmoteca de Catalunya and the GRACMON research group of the University of Barcelona.

The exhibition is still open until July 20.  More information here

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