Our Project partners, the University of Barcelona and the Filmoteca, are participating to the day of the film heritage dissemination in Barcelona.  Coinciding wth the Mercè festival, there will be a continuous projection of the film “Gent i paisatge de Catalunya” (1926) at the Modernist enclosure of Sant Pau (la Sala Cambó de l’Edifici d’Administració), from 9.30 am to 14.30 pm on September 24.

On October the 18th at 19 o’clock pm, the team from the University of Barcelona will organize a conference on several architects that are represented in the same film.  This conference is also planned at the enclosure of Sant Pau.

These activities are organized jointly with the Modernist enclosure of Sant Pau, and are supported by the city council of Barcelona, with the collaboration of the Gracmon research group, the I-Media-Cities project, and the Filmoteca de Catalunya, together with the Lluís Domenech i Montaner foundation.

More information on the enclosure of sant Pau can be found here

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